Charles Conder Primary School


Building the Education Revolution Projects

Charles Conder Primary School received funding from the Australian Government to undertake the following infrastructure projects at the school:

1. National School Pride (NSP) Program – installation of a new $150,000 shade structure

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Recent Images:

21 Dec 2009 - Small wet area and office converted into one large wet area - image showing completed works



Project Updates

  • 25 Jan 2010 - Charles Conder Primary NSP

Charles Conder Primary - NSP project completed


Past updates

2. Primary Schools for the 21st Century (P21) Program – $2.56 million extension and refurbishment of the existing school assembly hall together with an adjoining outdoor area.

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Recent Images:

24 Jan 2011 - An image from the BER Recognition Ceremony held on 24 September 2010 at Charles Conder Primary School



Project Updates

  • 24 Jan 2011 - Charles Conder Primary P21

The BER Recognition Ceremony was held on 24 September 2010 to celebrate the completion of the P21 project for Charles Conder Primary School

  • 16 Jul 2010 - Charles Conder Primary School P21

The canteen island bench is installed, and the external shutters. Final sanding of internal cladding in progress. The Classroom conversion is progressing.

Past updates