Enrolling/Transferring - ACT Public Schools

Parents/carers are welcome to enrol/transfer their son or daughter at any time during the school year.

The Parent/carer guide to enrolment/transfer for ACT public schools Parent Guide provides an overview of the procedures and requirements when enrolling in an ACT Public School or transferring between ACT Public Schools.

Online Enrolment/Transfer Forms

Please Note: Submit only one (1) online enrolment form per child. If more than one online enrolment form is submitted, any previously submitted forms will be made invalid.

2015/2016 Enrolments/Transfers

Timeline for Enrolment/Transfer for Prospective Students in 2016

Canberra Public Schools


The policy about enrolment in an ACT public school is available at:

Finding Your Local School

Each ACT public school gives priority to the enrolment of children living in its Priority Enrolment Area (PEA). ACT public schools are non-selective. If a school has room available after accepting students from its PEA, it may offer places to students who live outside the area.

Further information about Priority Enrolment Areas.

International Students

Canberra public schools are a popular choice for students from many countries of the world. Our schools are recognised as ranking among the best in the world.

Further information about International Students.

Further Assistance

If you require further assistance or clarification on the enrolment criteria and process please contact your local school or the ACT Education and Training Directorate at: